Solar Panels

How Much can Solar save you?

It depends on your electricity use and system size.


To get a rough idea of how much you could save, take a peek at some estimates for two houses with rooftop solar systems that offset electricity costs by 80% to 90%.


3-bedroom example

The biggest electricity costs of a house this size typically come from running the AC and laundry all the time. Installing a 3.75kW solar system would lower their electric bill significantly.


bill before solar


bill after solar

5-bedroom example

Having both a home office and a swimming pool can leave a household this size with a hefty monthly electric bill. Installing a 4kW solar system would bring down their bill quite a bit.


bill before solar


bill after solar

Check out more ways to use the sun’s rays to save.

Other types of solar energy technology are available, and can help bring down the cost of keeping your whole house comfortable.

Heat your home’s water with solar.


A solar water heating system could cut your water heating bill in half, according to Energy Star.


Combine it with the backup gas-storage water heater, and you could save even more on electricity bills.


Bonus: Qualified solar water heating systems last 20 years on average, which is much longer than the standard gas or electric storage water heaters.



Warm up your pool for less.


Pool heaters make the water temperature more comfortable and extend the swimming season, but they can be expensive to run. However, installing a solar pool heater can make a warm pool much more affordable.


They’re cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, but cost less to operate. In fact, solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in California and parts of the Southwest.


Bonus: Your solar pool heater should run smoothly for an average of 10 to 20 years, if the pool’s chemical balance and filtering are checked regularly.